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This free live webinar is for natural therapists and intuitives interested in discovering more about Tribe of the Tree and our range of flower essences.

It’s suitable for naturopaths, herbalists, energy healers, kinesiologists, bodyworkers and intuitives – and practitioners of many other healing modalities too.

Here at Tribe of the Tree, everything we do is about energy, connection and intention, and this webinar is no exception; we’re hosting it with the intention of connecting with some wonderful practitioners, introducing ourselves and our products, and giving you a little taste of the energetics and philosophies that go into our work.
Along the way we’ll also share a little of our story, the way we were guided to create the Tribe, the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and how honoured we feel that a growing band of practitioners and retailers around Australia have embraced our essences and are using them to help their clients’ healing and growth.

We'll also briefly discuss each of the 14 flower essences and five flower essence mists in our range so that you can get a sense of the issues they can assist with and whether the energy of our products resonates with your own way of working.

We'd love it if you can join us either live at the webinar or afterwards via the recording! Until then, keep being your tree-mendous self,

Jayne and Scott
Tribe of the Tree
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Jayne Tancred and Scott Harris are the co-founders of Tribe of the Tree™, a range of Australian-made flower essences and flower essence mists. Our products tap into the energetic vibration of the plants they’re made from to offer insight and wisdom, delivered with a healthy dose of love and a touch of cheekiness.